Hello world!

Hi there, I’ve just created this blog for the N.U.R.D. (Never Underestimate Robotic Domination) Robotics team. We can use it to publish information about our progress and let the world now what we are doing. We hope to add updates every step of the way—maybe even every time we meet. We’re just getting started as a rookie team but we’ve got high hopes for the future. Who knows, It might even bring in sponsors.

We get an enormous amount of free professional software. We need a good Windows computer to install it onto. At the Kickoff, I think we’re supplied with a laptop, but it probably wont be powerful enough to run the 3D modeling tools we might want to use.

We need to get more sponsors. We’re working on HP and Northrop Grumman, but it will take more than that to reach our goal. The registration costs alone totals $5500.

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  1. Keegan says:

    Hi, this is a test comment.

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