The FIRST Week

We are now one week into the build period and are making good progress.  With the help of some engineers, we have begun the design process. We haven’t completely decided upon a design, but soon, we will hopefully have a prototype that works.  Mr. Clifford taped our SPTV segment which will be airing soon.

Stay Tuned. It’s going to be


Interesting Notes

  • The ball cannot extend more than 3 inches under the robot’s frame.
  • Non-kit of parts items (purchased items) must not exceed $3,500 (fair market value).
  • All parts, including those included in the kit of parts (KOP) must be entered into a bill of materials (BOM). The template for this document does not appear to be available at this time.

Tomorrow’s Plan (Saturday, January 15)

Initial discussions and deciding upon pneumatic/free parts: 1 hour
Remaining time will be spent in teams (see below)

  • Discuss purchasing pneumatic parts: we can order three for free (see documentation on
  • Listen to lifting device ideas and determine whether or not it will require pneumatic parts.
  • Finalize kicker device and detwrmine pneumatic parts necessary
  • Discuss bumper
  • Divide into teams:
    • Electronics
    • Base Assembly
    • Parts Purchasing

As you can see my writing conveys information, but is not very exciting or well written. Please help 🙂


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