Software Problems

Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to get the software to work.  I will try to post questions on Forums and look for someone who might be able to help.  I might be able to contact the person who gave the presentation at the workshop if I can’t get help on the forums.  I’ll update this post with my progress.

Here is how it stands:

  • We are using C++.
  • Right now, we are doing everything tethered (not over wifi).
  • Windriver seems to be able to connect with the cRIO and download the program.
  • The IP of the development computer is set to static
  • Upon imaging the cRIO, we get a message that I can not remember the exact wording of right now.  I should probably include this in the forum posting.
  • The driver station says, “No Robot Code” when we try to connect with it and the robot will not do anything.

Eventually, we will have to face these problems:

  • How do we connect to the network bridge which connects to the robot for wireless operation
  • How do we set up the camera
  • Do I need to speak with the IT person at our school or is it sufficient to simply make sure that our network is secure?

First I’ll try one more round of updating the computers because it seems like that is the problem most teams are having.  If that doesn’t work, then I’ll try posting on

Once we get it working, I think the programming will be easy and it will definitely be more exciting.

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2 Responses to Software Problems

  1. nurdrobotics says:

    We actually only needed to install the update again after uninstalling it. There is actually a bug in the update.

  2. computer forum says:

    Nice article, I had experience of this before but wasnt this is nice to know

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