Our First Saturday Meeting

This saturday, we worked on some things for MESA.  Here are some pictures of us building fuel cell powered, solar charged cars.


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Hi, I'm Keegan.
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3 Responses to Our First Saturday Meeting

  1. Gladys Rivas says:

    I have a couple comments.
    First off, i hate the fact that the picture up top cuts me off. Seriously, I lived at this club 😦
    Secondly, I see some very familiar faces in this post…
    and Alex Friedman if you ever need chicken soup because you’re not feeling well, call me and I will gladly ditch class for you.
    I also see some very unfamiliar faces. LOVE IT.
    Oh, and I actually have a blog now too. I started it with my new UCLA friends.

    I am so comming down for kick-off. Please keep in touch.

    I love you robotics.

    P.S. I miss you Keegan. Yes, I know you are probably the only one that is going to be managing this and the only one who will be looking at this. So, pass on my love to the others.

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