The Meeting of October 9, 2010

Today, October 9, 2010, we had another very productive meeting with four different projects occurring. 15 people came to today’s meeting.

The “walk on water” competition group split into 3 teams: floats, shoe, and propulsion. Each group came up with basic designs they plan on building next meeting. This project must be done in two weeks from now.

Another group of three freshman boys worked on building there own windmill. They created designs to build next week without the kit.

Another group designed and is in the process of building a balsa wood glider.

We also worked on cleaning up the NURD robot from last year’s competition. We took apart the electronics and remounted them on a foam board. Then we enabled the robot to make sure the electronics worked properly.

Our public relations team brainstormed ideas for the upcoming FIRST Robotics Competition in January. We want to be called Super NURDs next year and plan on making gold capes for the team, safety goggles with rhinestones, and 4 super hero mascot costumes. We also want to make pins, temporary tattoos, and cheap capes (if possible) to hand out to other teams at the competition.

Today’s meeting was great! 🙂

–Linnea Briggs


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