FRC Kickoff 2011 – Logomotion

Our team in the Audience Anticipating the Kickoff

Group Photo Taken at the Kickoff

Went out to lunch

Leader Meeting

I’m really excited for this year.

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We Made the Paper

An article about our Robotics team was published in the north county insert of the San Diego Union Tribune. The full article is available here.
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Trip to UCSD

Here are some pictures from a trip we took to UCSD.

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In the Newspaper

This Saturday, someone is coming from the San Diego Union Tribune to take out picture for the newspaper and interview some members. We would like everyone to show up who can. This will be a great opportunity to publicize our team.

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Walk On Water Competition

Walk On Water Competition

The SPHS Aquanauts took first place in creativity (blue ribbon medals for the team) today at Southwestern College. The whole team was great and worked together; Ellen made three runs during the event.

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The Meeting of October 9, 2010

Today, October 9, 2010, we had another very productive meeting with four different projects occurring. 15 people came to today’s meeting.

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UAV Parts and Project Plan

Additional Parts for our UAV Project

If you haven’t already, see my previous post here.

We now have all the parts we need for the UAV.  We plan to assemble the aircraft on Saturday, September 25.  If all goes as planned, we will be able to finish assembling it on that day, but it will probably take a couple meetings to work out all the kinks.

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Our First Saturday Meeting

This saturday, we worked on some things for MESA.  Here are some pictures of us building fuel cell powered, solar charged cars.

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UAV Project Introduction

Main Ardupilot Mega controller board with shield and headers attached.

This year, we are planning to create a UAV.

A UAV is an “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” or Drone.  It is essentially an aircraft that flies itself.

The UAV we are making is based on the Ardupilot Mega design from DIY Drones.

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First Meeting of the Year

A picture of the 2008 FIRST Robotics Competiti...

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Welcome to a new year of MESA and FRC robotics. We will be having our first meeting at lunch on Thursday August 19. Club rush is the following Wednesday. Throughout the year, we plan on having a meeting up to two Saturdays a month. Continue reading

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